About us

We would like to present ourselves: ‘we’ are a small group of friends and fervent art-lovers who have started a project for and around art. We like to organize concerts, lectures, exhibitions, other different activity’s… and we are delighted to have a big group of enthousiast visitors. Communication in a kind of ‘home-sphere’ is our topic. This like to have during musical different events, improvisation sessions, performance, dance, a tasting or a party, an exhibition, a lecture or a roundtable discussion, poetry and nominations, small fairs or product presentations, book presentations, etc… BUT the red wire through this whole story is Music and/or Contemporary art and/or antique.
Of course, we are allways open for new ideas! Do you have a proposal? Please let us know and we make a splendid activity in dialogue!

The venue can also be rented for your personal/professional events. Find more information on www.loftingent.com